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Big black dog on a vintage couch by a window, dog staring at us peaceably, guitar leaning against couch, Mt Hood and greenery in the window view, photo of dog and man on the wall behind, rock on the window ledge, yellow pillow. I was commissioned to paint a portrait of a deceased Rottweiler mix by a client who was still mourning the loss of his dog more than a year later. I had only communicated with the client via email, so I didn't know him, but he seemed like a very "guysy guy" to me from the photos. I thought Chopper was named that because the client was into Harleys, I thought the client must be a tough kind of dude with a tough looking dog. It turned out Chopper was named Chopper because his tail would circle so fast in his excitement and delight at greeting people that it looked like he would take off. Chopper, like his human companion, was a big ole' softy, full of love and warmth, and no threat to anyone. (I did finally meet the client when he came for the painting- what a sweetie!) The client played guitar, and lived near Mt. Hood. The photo on the wall is of him and Chopper, and the rock on the windowsill. . . , ah, the rock on the windowsill. The rock was Chopper's pet rock, and he kept track of it- and though he liked other rocks, this one was special. One time when they were moving and all packed up to go, Chopper frantically searched til he found his rock, and carried it into the truck at the last minute. Only then he was ready to go. 911 32nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98122 206 941 9663