Print Collections

The images are arranged in collections which have a consistency of theme or content and work well together as a group for display. For example, "While You Wait" is a group of smiling dogs that will promote a feeling of comfort and cheerfulness in the waiting room or lobby of a business. These collections are merely suggestions- you may mix and match as you please.

When ordering multiple prints for display as a group, it is best to order prints of the same height, though width can vary and still display well. Lining up the tops of the prints on a wall is a gallery style of display, and is recommended.

Giclee prints are not posters, but are museum quality prints on canvas with UV protection, and will last for decades without a diminishment of quality or color if not exposed to direct sunlight. Prints on canvas are usually used as decorative artwork for the home or office rather than as investment artwork. If you are interested in art as investment or legacy, it is best to order a hand painted canvas, which can last for centuries and whose value may go up considerably over time. Learn more about a hand painted painting. 911 32nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98122 206 941 9663