Dunkin and Dixie

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Two doxies on a lavendar couch in front of a window with a UPS truck coming down the driveway. The clients ran a business from a large and lovely home on some acreage outside of Seattle. Everyday the UPS truck arrived, tripping off a frenzy of excitement for the dogs. The UPS drivers all knew Dunkin and Dixie, and came bearing treats. At the time of the painting the internet was not in existence, and I had to go to a UPS office to see a truck. I was given a toy UPS truck to use as a model for the one in the painting. Dunkin and DIxie are here on their couch, not yet aware that the UPS truck is on the way. Dixie is plumply lounging on a pillow, Dunkin, with one airplane ear, is protecting his ball.

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