Guinness- But I ordered a Red Hook!

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Scottish Terrier on a bar stool in a bar being served a Guinness. The client ordered this painting for her husband, who worked for Red Hook brewery in Seattle. It was her idea to have Guinness the dog seated at the Red Hook brewery bar being served a Guinness beer, and the title would be "But I ordered a Red Hook!" I thought this was funny and clever. I managed to even give Guinness the dog an expression of disdain at being served the wrong beer. I visited the Red Hook bar and made some sketches for the painting. The bar counter itself with the handles for the beers and the neon sign in the window were actually there, as was the red bar stool. I had a friend pose as the bartender, but decided to make him faceless with all eyes on Guinness the dog. 911 32nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98122 206 941 9663