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Black standard poodle in a garden setting with a statue in the background. This painting was ordered by a client who wanted me to paint the portrait, then keep it until his ten year old dog passed. He then wanted to give the painting to his wife as a gift that might ease the pain of the loss of Jaques, so that they could still have him with them in some way. He was very happy with the painting but it was three years later that Jaques passed and he picked up the painting. It just about broke my heart, as it always does, when a client contacts me to tell me that their beloved dog is no longer with them. I always weep, because I feel so connected to the dogs once I paint them. One time my girlfriend saw me crying in the morning in the bathtub and she commented, "some dog die?" It wasn't Jaques, but she was right. (The statue is actually in their garden)

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