Peapod and Bella

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Bernese Mountain Dog sitting at foot of steps of house where cat is lounging on the porch. I was commissioned primarily to paint the beloved cat, Peapod, but the clients also wanted the Bernese Mountain dog, Bella, in the painting, but in a minor role. This presented a problem, since the dog is so much larger than the cat and the client wanted Bella sitting at the bottom of the steps, so the perspective of Bella being closer to us made her even larger. To make Peapod the focus, I placed her in the center of the painting with the walkway, stairs, and railings all seeming to almost point at her. The yellow door behind Peapod also calls attention to her. The story of the scene the client wanted was this- Peapod lounging in the sun, unconcerned that Bella, who was afraid of Peapod, was stuck at the bottom of the steps. During the interview I asked the client to demonstrate the expression on Bella's face, which she did, and which I photographed and used as my model for Bella's look of cheerful dumbfoundedness. 911 32nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98122 206 941 9663