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Panorama with dog, sagebrush hills, mountains, shock of blue sky, petroglyphs, skull and bones, pasture and horse. This is the beloved Dalmatian of a very close friend whom I visit every year in Wyoming. I painted it as a gift to her. The scene depicts the drive to her home with the green pasture, log fence, dry sagebrush hills, and a hint of the log house in the background. On the right side of the painting is a skull and bones (not unusual to find when hiking in the area) and a rock with petroglyphs, which we would visit every year, Raisin in the back of the SUV excitedly barking the whole way there. I loved Raisin, and she would gleefully accompany me on my wanderings there, sometimes proudly bringing me a deer leg left or antler left by hunters. This painting is 4 foot wide, but now I wish I had made it much larger, in tribute to a larger-than-life dog.

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