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German Shepherd on a yellow raft floating in a swimming pool. I must have painted Rebel a dozen times, in different settings and poses. The client wasn't happy with any of them. The client had sent me nearly unusable dark, blurry, uninformative photos to work from, and Rebel was no longer with us so I couldn't meet him to get my own resource material. With this painting I learned that if I don't have good resource material to work from, it's almost impossible to capture the essence of the animal. I finally sent out a message on a website for German Shepherd rescue in Seattle that I needed a German Shepherd model for a painting. I selected the dog that most looked like Rebel from the several who had responded, and drove 30 miles to meet the dog, Zues. Zues posed for me and that doppelganger finally enabled me to capture Rebel. The client was happy with this version. 911 32nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98122 206 941 9663