Zoe (Border Collie)

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Border Collie in a blue backyard background with golden sky. I received two commissions from two women who were friends, both living in Burbank, CA at the time, down the street from each other. It just so happened that I would be going to LA in a couple of weeks to visit Disneyland with my sister and her two kids, so I made dates for the dog portrait appointments with the clients. Lucky timing! During one of the days off from Disneyland my sis, her kids and I went to the homes of Toby and Venus, the other dog down the street (a Boxer). I sketched and photographed the dogs and learned that Zoe was an earnest dog, eager to work at ball chasing or whatever job you might give her. Well, she IS a Border Collie. I placed her in her backyard with the plants, walkway and outdoor fireplace as her surroundings.

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